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Cedar Lake Association

Rice County Mn

The purpose of the association is to improve the water quality and wildlife habitat in and around Cedar Lake. 
To do this, the association shall:

  • Perform continuous assessment of water quality.

  • Identify the problems that negatively impact the water and habitat and implement activities in an attempt to correct the issues.

  • Coordinate with civic organizations to understand, develop, and share land use and sanitation regulations.

  • Establish an organizational committee structure with the goals of educating lake users and residents, identify the concerns of the community, and recommend policy and activities to support the association mission.

  • Coordinate with governmental units to participate in funded grant and loan programs to support the association mission.

More about Cedar Lake Association

Board Meetings
In 2024, Cedar Lake Association 'all member' board meetings will be held twice a year - on May 20th (annual meeting) and September 16th. Meeting agendas, times, and locations will be published on the CLA web site and Facebook page at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.


Of Note: Board meetings also occur monthly and on an ad hoc basis with board and committee members working on various topics such as grant writing, lake monitoring and reporting, lake treatment plans and options, and various other strategic planning activities. Board meeting minutes will be posted on the CLA web site.

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